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Family of missing Kokomo mother focus on Wabash landfill

The case of a missing Kokomo mother is getting closer to being solved, according to her family.

Kelly Armstrong, 28, was reported missing last September. Since then, her family and Kokomo police have been searching for the mother of four.

Armstrong's family met Fox59 outside the Wabash Valley Landfill in Wabash County Friday, to announce that there had been a break in the case.

"On January 9th, 2012, Kokomo authorities informed our family that Kelly's boyfriend had confessed to the murder and that a large amount of Kelly's blood was found inside her home," said Teresa Edwards, Armstrong's mother.

She added that her daughter's boyfriend, Travis Funke, told police Armstrong's body was placed in a trash bag and he led police to the landfill. She said police had been searching the landfill for days, but they warned the family their resources were running out.

"Within the next few days, their search efforts will cease," Edwards said, panicked that police would not find her daughter, eliminating any chance of bringing her home. "She just doesn't deserve this. This (landfill) does not need to be her burial site."

Fox59 contacted the Kokomo Police Department to find out what was going on with the case, but did not receive any information about the investigation.

For their part, Armstrong's family is fed up and pleading for help.

"This is unacceptable. Two more days of searching is not enough," said Shelly Rush, Armstrong's sister. "What am I supposed to do? Bring flowers to the landfill?"

The family hopes authorities will listen to them and continue searching so they never have to come back to the landfill again.

"My daughter deserves a better grave than the Wabash Valley landfill," said Edwards before pausing to cry.

The family said right now, Funke has not been charged in this case. He is in jail on an unrelated offense. Funke and Armstrong have one child together.

Kokomo Police said there might be new information released in this case in the coming days.

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