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Dry weather will make eating out cost more

Dining out is expected to cost more money in 2013.

Food inflation and drought to blame.

A new report from the food institute says it will cost more to dine out in the next couple of months.

The report says a family of four will spend an additional $125.00 a year on top of what they already spend on eating out.

The report claims food inflation and the drought here in the Mid-West are to blame.

Restaurants in Central Indiana are paying more for meat and poultry and the cost in many cases is being passed onto the customer. Many restaurant goers tell us that dining out is apart of their entertainment budget and it will not affect them, while others tell us any increase in the cost of food for a family will make them think twice before they head out to their favorite restaurant.

The Indiana Restaurant Association says many restaurants are offering specials and customer incentives to help offset the cost. 

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