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An emotional Colts fan gets his dying wish Sunday

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He caught sight of him as he emerged from the yellow light on the outside Colts' locker room area on Sunday afternoon. 

The figure approached with a football in hand and grew more visable as the light from the other side of the tunnel began to take effect. 

Already it was a dream for Danny Webber to be in the position he was. For the first time in his 74-year life he was at a game in which his favorite team the Colts would be participating at Lucas Oil Stadium.

"I've been a Colts fan for many, many years," said Webber. "I've never had a chance like this."

When this person finally came into his full view, he peered up into the air to see a player who wears the horseshoe whom he's very fond of.

"Mr. Webber, how are you doing," said Andrew Luck as he approached with his hand extended. 

After a quick conversation, he placed a football with his signature on it in his lap. In shock, Webber grasped it in his hands for a few seconds before reaching for a handkerchief. 

"Happy tears, I'm sure," said Carole Adams, a nurse of Webber's at the Heritage House Retirement Home in Greensburg. 

Emotions were running high from start to finish for the 74-year old native of Knightstown, who has terminal cancer and may very well be making his only trip to a Colts game in his life.

The opportunity to have the experience came not long after he arrived at Heritage House, when a conversation led the discovery of Webber's great passion.

"Danny was at our tailgating party and he told a couple of the staff and I that he wanted to go to a Colts game," said activities director Myranda Hartwell. "We told him if we have anything in our power we will try to get you to a Colts game. That's how it all came about."

A co-worker of Hartwell's contacted Huntington Bank where they were able to acquire tickets for the game against the Jaguars on Sunday.

Using their new Heritage House Dreams program, organizers were able to create an even greater experience for Webber, setting up an opportunity for him to meet players and coaches on the field before the game. 

Chuck Pagano, Ryan Grigson, Greg Manusky, Pat McAfee and Matt Overton were among the few that took a minute out of warm ups to send their bets wishes to Webber.

"It's unbelievable," said Hartwell of watching him interact with some of his heroes. "The outpouring of love and support for him and how much people are still willing to do things for other people."

This hit a zenith during the meeting with Luck, when Webber shed a few tears at the gesture by the team. He expects big things from the squad with the new quarterback and believes the Colts in three years can be Super Bowl competitive.

"Last year when they had a losing season, I stuck with them the whole way," said Webber. "I knew they were going to do something, and when they got Luck I knew they were gonna do something."

Just like he did when he received his gift.

"I'm a very emotion man," said Webber. "I love my Colts."

Maybe the one with the signature on his new football just a little bit more on a once-in-a-lifetime day. 

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