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Cliffs Notes For The Colts: Dallas, Polian, and bad starts

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Bad news is coming in avalanches instead of waves as October turns to November. This time for the Colts, it Dallas Clark.

The tight end left Sunday's 31-7 loss to Atlanta with a lower leg injury and was seen with a boot on his left foot during the second half on the sidelines.

On Monday head coach Jim Caldwell said the injury could keep Clark out for an extended period of time along with fellow end Brody Eldridge, who left Sunday's loss with a hand injury.

"They are still, obviously, being evaluated, some MRI’s and things of that nature. But in both cases, I think, both guys have sustained some pretty significant injuries," said Caldwell of the tight ends. "But we’ll have a report on that when we get the final findings.”

Right now the Colts have just one healthy tight end in Jacob Tamme, whose been used mostly this season on special teams. Caldwell acknowledged that the team may go out and get another player at that position during the week.

As of now the team has two tight ends, Dedrick Epps and Mike McNeill, on their practice squad.

Bill Speaks

In this week's edition of "The Bill Polian Show", Colts vice chairman Bill Polian had a chance to explain something he said on another show.

Following the Colts loss on Sunday, Polian was asked about criticism and suggestions he gets during the nine-game losing streak to start the 2011 season on the team's radio network post-game show.

Polian's response was: "Some people are just rats who lie about people.'

Speculation began soon after to whom the statement was aimed at, some suggesting it was caused by a critical column written in the Indianapolis Star by columnist Bob Kravitz.

Monday night, Polian said that the comment was not an attack on anyone. While admitting to being given the article by a friend, Polian says that he doesn't read anything written about the team locally.

"There's no point to me in responding to anonymous sources, there's nothing can be gained by that, it doesn't help us win," said Polian.

During the show, he was also asked about the number of Andrew Luck jerseys that were in the stands Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium. The Stanford quarterback is widely regarded as the number one pick in the upcoming draft and a possibilty for the Colts should they finish with the worst record in the league.

Citing his remaining NCAA eligibilty, Polian decilned to comment on luck but was ok with the fans expressing their desire for the prospect.

"Anybody can wear any jersey they want, that's fine I don't have a problem with that, its free country," said Polian of the Luck jerseys. "But relative to Andrew or any other underclassman, its not right for me to comment nor will I."

Polian did make note a number of times in the show to the strong support of the crowd during the Atlanta game despite the team's record entering the game and the problems they had during.

Bad Starts Equal....

A recent problem in the Colts recent string of defeats have been there turnover-ridden, inconsistent starts that have put them into holes to which they've not recovered.

Atlanta was another example of such, as the team turned the ball over twice in the first two drives and fell behind 21-0.

Against the Saints it was a 34-7 score that stared them in the face at the half, and they were completely shutout by the Titans who led by 20 at the break.

On Monday Curtis Painter said there's no secret motivational technique needed to create some better starts, only execution.

"Coming in with a great emphasis on that, trying to get in a rhythm early. No question, success gives you a little bit of confidence," said Painter of better starts. "Just getting in there and being sharp in the beginning."


The number of teams that have two wins in the NFL so far in 2011. One of those is the Jacksonville Jaguars, the opponent this Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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