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Anderson firefighter, ex-wife, brother arrested in child molestation case

Abusive BehaviorSexual Misconduct

An Anderson firefighter, his ex-wife and his retired police officer brother were arrested Wednesday and charged in connection with a child molestation case.

Martin “Skip” Ockomon, 46, is accused of child molestation that involves a victim within his family. He's the brother of former Anderson Mayor Kris Ockomon.

Martin Ockomon's ex-wife, 48-year-old Renee Brewster, faces neglect charges. His brother, 60-year-old Roger Ockomon, is accused of knowing about it while he was serving on the Anderson Police Department but failing to report it.

Martin Ockomon’s attorney, Bryan Williams, said he was there when his client turned himself into police.

“He's confused like the rest of us, but he's fine," said Williams. "He denies all of this.”

The arrest stems from an investigation that began two decades ago. Williams told Fox59 that his client was investigated for child molestation in the 1990s. The case was closed, according to Williams.

Last November, Martin Ockomon was arrested after victims came forward, but the special prosecutor assigned to the case dismissed the charges.

In late August, a Madison County grand jury convened and decided to pursue charges against Martin Ockomon, his brother and Brewster.

"It's been a roller coaster for him and his family,” said Williams about his client. “He celebrated in June when it was dismissed and we thought that was the end of it. Here we are two and a half months later without any real explanation."

Anderson Police Chief Larry Crenshaw finds the accusations against Roger Ockomon alarming.

"It's a detriment to the police department," he told Fox59.

Although Crenshaw can’t do much since Roger Ockomon retired, he said he would never tolerate such behavior from a current officer.

"It's a law that you'll report crimes. Be it your friends, your family, or whomever," said Crenshaw. "This does cast a dark shadow over the Anderson Police Department."

This isn’t the first scandal the Ockomon family has faced. Former Anderson Mayor Kris Ockomon was accused of sexual harassment by a City Parks employee last year. The claim was eventually dismissed.

Martin Ockomon is charged with two counts of criminal deviate conduct, victim compelled by force or imminent threat of force, felony sexual misconduct with a minor, felony child molesting, criminal confinement and two counts of child molesting.

Roger Ockomon faces charges of official misconduct and assisting a criminal. Brewster is charged with neglect of a dependent.

Williams said he would file a motion to dismiss the charges against his client within the next 30 days.

"We don't know why we're going through this again, but he's, he's strong about it," Williams said. "He'll get through it."

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Abusive BehaviorSexual Misconduct