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QB Andrew Luck's first day of training camp included an AM walk-thru and PM practice at Anderson University

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Andrew Luck is the future of the franchise but he's also a rookie who has to prove himself to the veterans. Luck put on a show off of the football field for the entire team on Saturday night.

"He sounded terrible and it was some song from West Virginia. It was terrible, him and Pat MacAfee were the only people that knew the song," said cornerback Jerraud Powers.

Luck serenaded his team with a rendition of "Country Roads" by John Denver. Even though he was booed off stage it's evidence that Luck is willing to do anything it takes to be apart of the team.

That kind of spirit moved on to day one of training camp on Sunday. Luck eased into his new role with a lite walk-thru before hitting the field for a practice that was more up-tempo. If Luck wasn't in positional drills with the Colts two other quarterbacks he was targeting wide receiver Austin Collie, who was his go to target this weekend.

"It's nice to see that chemistry start to unfold so quick, he did a nice job. We've got a ton in as Bruce (Arians) has mentioned. Very seldom do you see him turn and look and have a confused look on his face so I think it was excellent," said first year head coach Chuck Pagano.

"Just building continuity and being comfortable with each other. I know it's important for the lineman to get comfortable with the snap count. For the receivers to get comfortable with motion timing and you get that by practicing together. Their is only so much you can do by watching other people do it, that will be paramount this camp," said Luck.

"He is just a very strong and steady and working towards limiting the turnovers and the interceptions. Working towards being patient and realizing he doesn't need to do it all on his own," said Colts owner Jim Irsay.

Nearly 3,000 people on hand at Anderson University to show their support for the new look Colts. Aside from the quarterback position the team boasts a different coaching staff and tight end group from last season. There were a number of Peyton Manning jerseys in the crowd but nearly everyone there to see if Luck can fit in his shoes. There is one Colt supporter who already likes what he sees. Former Colts head coach Tony Dungy was a special guest of owner Jim Irsay on Sunday and he had nothing but positive things to say about the horseshoes franchise quarterback.

"We got a chance to meet Andrew and watch him and see the decision making and the command of the huddle and the field. They are going to be in good hands, they're going to be in good hands for a long time," said Dungy.

Dungy also addressed the team and spent some one-on-one time with Andrew Luck and Head Coach Chuck Pagano. Inspirational words that they will surely use through out their stay at Anderson University. The Colts continues their on the field work on Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. during a closed walk through. The next practice that is open to the public is set for Monday afternoon at 1:50 p.m.

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