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With NFL Draft behind him, Andrew Luck looks forward

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INDIANAPOLIS - Maybe the most telling moment of his introductory news conference on Friday was one simple world.

"Exhaled," said Andrew Luck when asked if he had done that at some point over the past 72 hours following the hoopla of the NFL Draft in New York, including the jersey presentation on Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall.

Thanks to a plane ride for him and his family courtesy of owner Jim Irsay he former Stanford quarterback had the chance to do that on Friday. He had a quick moment to celebrate and reflect on the accomplishment that had happened as he touched down in Indianapolis with a horseshoe on his suit for the first time.

"That's was a nice, relaxing moment," said Luck of the plane flight, but it's not like his going to be taking it down a notch for two long.

Perhaps in more bolder terms than he had the in the past, the future Colts quarterback asserted that he's is focused on endearing himself to his new teammates and trying to get the Colts back into contention in the AFC.

"There is such a great history of winning," said Luck of joining the Colts. "It's  great to be apart of that now and keep that level of consistent winning and I'll know I'll work my butt off to make sure the team is in a position to win as many games as I can.

"I'm anxious to get started with the guys. I know its a big moment, hopefully there will be many more big moments along the way."

During his introductory news conference at Lucas Oil Stadium, Luck reiterated his desire to get familiar with those on the team as fast as possible. This could prove difficult since Luck will be at Stanford completing his degree until early April, appearing only for the rookie mini-camp in May.

Still Luck considers reaching out to meet his teammates is critical to his success as it was during his run at Stanford where he was twice a Heisman Trophy finalist.

"You get so comfortable in your locker room in college with all the guys, you see each other every year. Its part of playing the game, every year there's rookies that come in there's free agents there's people traded into new locker rooms.

"I really am looking forward to meeting the guys, especially Reggie (Wayne) and Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, guys I looked up to as I was growing up."

One player he won't get to share a locker room with is Peyton Manning, the four-time NFL MVP whom Luck is replacing. But the current Broncos quarterback was willing to take a second on Thursday to acknowledge the man who took his position with the Colts, sending a text message of congratulations.

While Luck has said over and over again that he doesn't consider it necessary for him to compare himself to Manning, he still feels there are parts of his game he must work on in order to duplicate a decades woth of success under No. 18.

"The deep ball got to get back throwing a good deep ball and I think that comes to with reps from the guys," said Luck-who'll have plenty of chances when he finally puts on the No. 12.

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