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Anderson daycare under investigation after mother claims child was left unattended

Anderson Police and state investigators are looking into a mother's claims that her 2-year-old daughter was left alone for six hours by a daycare worker Monday night.

Kenya Miles is a student and working mom who routinely picks up her daughter, Nayvia, at 11:30 p.m. each night.

The daycare, Indigo Children's Daycare, operates several different sites around Anderson. They often move children from daytime locations to night-time locations when parents need care after 6 p.m.

When Kenya went to pick up her daughter Monday night, she was told Nayvia wasn't there.

"I just broke down and started crying from there, and then I called my mom and she's like call the police," Miles said.

Believing that her daughter had been left behind at her daytime location, Kenya called Anderson police.

As officers were investigating in the 2200 block of West 12th street, Nayvia arrived in a daycare vehicle driven by the husband of the daycare owner.

That owner, Marilynn Collier, said Nayvia had not been left unattended but that she had been taken to a different site, under the care of an employee named Patricia.

"Because she was really wanting her mom," Collier told Fox59,  "and sometimes we'll take them out of the daycare atmosphere to let them have a break because sometimes they just need a break from that."

Collier said the daycare's only fault was failing to inform Miles that her daughter would be at a different location.

But Anderson Police said they have reasons to question Collier's account of what happened.

Collier's husband, Curtis Mathis, told police that he had just driven Nayvia from the site where Patricia had been caring for her.  But when police made contact with Patricia, she was already at her home dressed for bed. Investigators are working to verify times and locations, to make sure that Nayvia had never been left at any location without supervision.

"So in between there lies the truth, and that's the investigative part of this case," said Anderson Police Detective Joel Sandefur.

Fox59 has confirmed that the state is also looking into the case. The Family and Social Services Administration said their Bureau of Childcare Providers is looking into any licensing issues that may be involved. Those could include the matter of transporting children, or whether children are ever taken to locations that are not authorized to provide childcare.

Fox59 will keep you updated on this on-going investigation.

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