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Cliffs Notes For The Colts: Peyton's status to candy giving

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Even though the Colts are 0-8 and are working with a patchwork offensive line devastated by injuries, there are no plans to have Peyton Manning be taken off the active roster.

During his radio show on Monday night, Colts vice chairman Bill Polian said that the four-time MVP will be left on the roster even if it means he would only practice.

Polian also said that he wouldn't completely rule out Manning making a return to the Colts lineup before the end of the 2011 season.

Manning has been on the sidelines since the beginning of training camp after two off season neck surgeries. This has been the first time he's ever missed a game in his career.

Head coach Jim Caldwell was asked earlier Monday about the possibility of a Manning return, but remained vague with his answer.

“I’ll discuss that when it becomes a reality, and then we will kind of weigh out all the options," said Caldwell of a possible Manning return.


At 0-8 for the first time in his professional career, Reggie Wayne found a charitable way to pass the time on his Halloween night.

The receiver along with safety Antoine Bethea handed out candy to cars in downtown Indianapolis Monday night as apart of the Amp Harris and Friends Annual Candy Drive.

"We're having a rough year but at the same time there's still people out there that's smiling and that's what kinda makes you move onto the next week," said Wayne of the drive. "People come up dressed in their costumes looking real scary tonight."

With the help of a few children dressed in their Halloween attire, Bethea and Wayne passed out candy on the corner of Michigan and Delaware, getting a chance to chat it up with fans while remembering their own Halloween experiences.

"Its real good for the kids in this community," said Bethea of the candy drive. "That's the one thing nowadays, your just kinda afraid of what people are thinking, what types of things people do but we're out here in a very safe community and just having a good time."


For the fourth time in Colts history, the team has started a season than eight consecutive losses.

The last time was 1997-the year that led to the drafting of Manning-when the team lost their first ten games in a row before upsetting defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay at the RCA Dome.

All history aside, the losing is an unusual exercise for this group of Colts who before this season had won ten or more games every year since 2002.

“It would mean that we won’t go 0-16. It would do a lot for our morale, and a lot to build on," said defensive end Robert Mathis of the importance of win number one. "We practice hard, it’s just getting over the hump on Sundays.

"For some reason it’s just eluding us right now, so we just need to get over that hump.”

Jeff Saturday would be one prepared to speak on such a subject. He was apart of the Colts last losing season in 2001 and knows what a win can to a team's morale.

"When you lose, everything’s magnified, and that’s just the way of the game, that’s the way of the NFL," said Saturday. "Like I said, you get a couple of wins, and all of a sudden those mistakes aren’t nearly as glaring as they are right now.”

Stat Of The Week - 1

The number of blocked punts that Pat McAfee now has for his Colts career after his attempt in the second quarter Sunday afternoon was blocked in the endzone by the Titans for the touchdown.

For the third-year punter, who has ranked among one of the top punters in the lead since taking over the job in 2009 as a rookie, the block was still difficult to accept on Monday.

"There's a thing where if you block a kick for a touchdown especially, usually that team wins and yesterday was that instance," said McAfee. "We let our team down, we have a miscommunication, I still haven't seen it I just walked in the door, were gonna get it corrected.

"Its something we don't stand for and we won't."

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