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Hague gets hot for the Indians, makes a bid for the Triple-A All-Star Game

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Call it a coincidence, but as soon as Indianapolis Indians first baseman Matt Hague started to get into a groove, so did the team.

The Indians came into Friday night facing the Pawtucket Red Sox riding a three-game winning streak, and at the same time, their All-Star ballot first baseman has been in the zone, literally.

"I'm trying to drive the baseball," Hague said in the dugout before Friday's game against Pawtucket. "Instead of having one or two good at bats a game, try to put as many good at bats as I can in a day and kind of get greedy in that aspect."

Over the last ten games, Hague has been virtually unstoppable at the plate. Hitting anything that has come his way. He's held a batting average of .459, posted 15 hits, eight RBI's and three homers.

His recent success has caused him to climb to fifth in Triple-A All-Star voting among first baseman. Another big night in the batter's box against Pawtucket will only help Hague's chances of making his second consecutive All-State game.

Hague said he looks forward to the All-Star game every year, whether he's in it or not. This year will be not different. He said the game gives everyone a chance to get away from baseball a little bit.

"I went to the All-Star game last year and it was a really good experience," he said. "It's a laid back atmosphere."

Hague's fellow teammate and friend, Alex Presley, is currently fifth in All-Star voting for outfielders. Presley came into the game against Pawtucket boasting a .338 batting average along with 96 hits and 8 home runs.

Presley's success this season hasn't gone unnoticed. Some say he could move up to the majors as early as next week.

Hague joked about the competition Presley and him have on the diamond.

"Obviously there is some type of competitiveness," he said. "But we're really just trying to win games and I think the personal stats come along with that."

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