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Woman Pulls Gun at Newington Chuck E. Cheese

The Berlin Turnpike is known for liquor store robberies and hourly-rate motels, so of course when a woman pulls a gun at a Chuck E. Cheese, it would happen there. Details, from NBC Connecticut:

An argument between two women at Chuck E Cheese in Newington, a restaurant that caters to children, ended in an arrest on Monday night after a woman allegedly pulled a loaded semi-automatic handgun.

Police said Tawana Bourne, 30, of Middletown, was at the restaurant with her child around 8 p.m. and got into an argument with another woman, who was also with a child, police said.

During the argument, Bourne allegedly brandished a .380 semi-automatic handgun and chambered a round.

Listen, you want to roll up to Chuck E. Cheese, you have to roll strapped. Personally I take my whole crew and we bring the heat. That’s just how the game is played. Most people don’t know this but Chuck E. Cheese was named after a late ‘80s gangsta rapper. The “E” stands for “Eazy” and “Cheese” is a reference to money, like Jay-Z in “Big Pimpin’”. Chuck died in a drive-by in ’93. No one knows what happened but it’s rumored that Suge Knight was involved. And fun fact, the original lyrics of “Regulate” were supposed to be “Nate Dogg and Chuck E. Cheese gonna regulate,” but Chuck had a scheduling conflict so Warren G stepped in at the last minute. The point is, this gun-toting woman was simply honoring the memory of an American icon. I know when I go to Chuck E. Cheese I’m always sippin’ on gin and juice – that’s ginger ale and apple juice – and my party don’t stop ‘til 6 in the evening. Of course I always pour out some of my root beer float, you know, for my dead homie. And if shit goes down, well, I’m ready to die. Because Chuck E. Cheese isn’t someplace you go just to eat pizza and play skee-ball. Chuck E. Cheese is a lifestyle. I didn’t choose the Chuck Life... the Chuck Life chose me!


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