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Taylor Hanson Turns 30 Today

Taylor Hanson

Want to feel old? Taylor Hanson, the middle of the three flaxen-haired, angel-voiced brothers from Oklahoma, hits the big 3-0 today. It's hard to believe, because it means admitting that I will be 30 next year. And thinking back to when Hanson hit the big time in 1997, I was about to turn 13, which meant Taylor was a ripe old 14 at the time. Good lord, we are all so old.


Anyway, Taylor isn't the only thing turning 30 in 2013. Mental Floss was kind enough to put together a list of 30 other things reaching the milestone this year, conveniently enough on the day I Googled "things turning 30 in 2013." Thanks for that, Mental Floss. You always know just what I need.


Here's my favorite Hanson tune, which is now itself nearly 10 years old:


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