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Now It's the Dems Turn To Be Boring

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The Republicans having finished up their non-news national convention, it's the turn of the Democrats to generate their own non-news at a convention where everything's already been decided.

At least the GOP had the excitement (?) of a possible hurricane attack and a big-time Hollywood dude talking to a chair. What the Democrats can possibly come up with to top those babies is mind-boggling.

There are Twitter posts suggesting that political reporters covering the Democrats in Charlotte, NC, are tired and cranky. They should be. Attempting to come up with multiple news stories about an event there there is no news is one of the most exhausting and useless tasks in journalism.

For the few Connecticut reporters who made the trip, they will at least have their frenetic and camera-happy Gov. Dannel Malloy to offer his opinions on any and every political topic under the sun. And there's always Connecticut's ex-U.S. Senator-Turned-Hollywood-Lobbyist Chris Dodd. Perhaps he'll be able to find a doddering movie actor to play the Clint Eastwood role.

The good news for most Americans is that they don't have to pay attention to this convention any more than the one that just ended in Tampa.








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