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Listicle: 10 Things Wikipedia Taught Me About Drummer Carmine Appice

1) He's an American rock drummer. (For a few years I thought he was British.)

2) He was the first rock drummer to organize drum clinics on college campuses, in theaters and in drum stores.

3) He influenced Phil Collins, Neil Peart and John Bonham. (!)

4.) He published an instructional book called The Realistic Rock Drum Method in 1972, later revised into The Ultimate Realistic Rock Drum Method. (Ultimate + Realistic = Hell + YEAH. I bet there were some double bass drum patterns in there that were highly UN-realistic, C-dog, but you didn't want to come across as immodest on the cover of your first book, huh? Realism for the customers, pragmatism all the way for Dr. A. Can anyone out there speak to its pedagogical effectiveness?)

5.) He played with German guitarist Michael Schenker in 2011. (No surprise there.)

6.) He was never in UFO, Schenker's longtime band.

7.) He co-wrote the Rod Stewart hits "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and "Young Turks." (The first song hasn't aged well. The second song is compelling. It's "Living On a Prayer," a couple of years ahead of its time, a story song, with likable character sketches and a good beat. It made Stewart and Appice a pile of money too.)

8.) 5/23/83 is Carmine Appice Day in Los Angeles. (Unrelated story: Eric Clapton was on stage that same night in Guildford, UK. Phil Collins and Jimmy Page joined him for "Further On Up the Road," "Cocaine," "Roll Over Beethoven," "You Win Again," "Matchbox" and "Goodnight Irene.")

9.) He's in a percussion ensemble called SLAMM, where he plays along with four student-age drummers.

10.) He played on Sly Stone's 2011 comeback album, I’m Back! Family & Friends. (I wonder what that experience was like.)

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