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Grand Band Slam 2012: BEST REGGAE

Best Reggae: I Anbassa

I Anbassa is one of the hardest-working bands in the area, with new gigs constantly popping up around the state. If you're looking to check them out, there's always a local show on the horizon, usually within a couple of days and within a five-mile radius. There have been many changes over the course of the past year, as the band has adopted a new bass player, drummer, guitarist and back-up vocalist, a complete lineup overhaul. "We are rejuvenating the sound and committing more to an authentic reggae vibe," says lead singer Ras N'gosi Anbassa. The band is working on a new album dealing with such classic reggae themes as universal love, the "first king Haile Selassie" and Marcus Garvey's philosophy and teachings, life, and truth. According to Ras N'gosi Anbassa, the great reggae artists who influenced his band's sound include the likes of Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller and of course Bob Marley. "Our goal as a band is to tour nationally and eventually internationally, record our unrecorded material, and spread I Anbassa word," he says. "Sound. Power. Movement. To those who need the musical healing of our vibe."

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