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Democrats waving good riddance to Whitnum with a resolution condemning her comments about other candidates

An angry Lee Whitnum says she’s fed up and is leaving the Connecticut Democratic Party and the feeling appears to be mutual among at least some state Democratic leaders.

Several members of the Democratic State Central Committee are urging passage of a resolution at Wednesday night’s meeting that would condemn Whitnum’s attacks on other Democrats in the U.S. Senate nomination race and “disassociate” the state party from her and her statements.

Whitnum, a Greenwich resident with a penchant for political lawsuits, called fellow U.S. Senate Democratic candidate U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy “a whore” for allegedly supporting the pro-Israeli lobby. At the same televised debate, she blasted another contender, state Rep. William Tong, as “ignorant.”

“I’ve had enough, I’m leaving the Connecticut Democratic Party,” Whitnum said in an email to the GreenwichPatch. She accused Murphy and Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy of “lying to the people to pander to the ultra-conservative branch of the Jewish community.”
Whitnum is ticked at Malloy in part because of a legal dispute that involved her law suit against him and a protective order he got against her, all stemming from comments made during the 2010 elections.

“Good riddance,” is the comment from one of the supporters of the anti-Whitnum resolution, Barbara Gordon of West Hartford. “We’re very happy she’s leaving the party.”

Former state Rep. David McCluskey says the West Hartford Democratic Town Committee has already voted in support of a similar resolution condemning Whitmun "for her anti-Semitic comments."

Gordon is the secretary of the Democratic Party’s ruling panel, and she believes state Democrats need to take a stand in opposition to Whitnum’s remarks. “If you don’t speak out, then you condone it,” Gordon says.

“Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely!” agrees Audrey Blondin, a central committee member from Litchfield. “It’s not appropriate in my opinion in any way, shape or form to speak ill of any Democrat… or to use inappropriate language.”

“I have no problem supporting it,” adds state Democratic Chairman Nancy DiNardo. She says the thrust of the resolution is simply that Whitnum’s remarks “don’t represent the views of the Democratic Party.”

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