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Crime & Punishment: Woman leads police on high-speed chase to avoid paying $9.15 tab

Cardinal Edward Egan has had time to think it over and he's not sorry about that outbreak of child sex abuse at the Archdiocese of Bridgeport. Speaking to Connecticut Magazine, Egan, who was bishop of the archdiocese from 1988 to 2000, looked back on the apology he gave in 2002 and declared, “I never should have said that.” Egan, now 79, defensively said that most (though records show not all) of the abuse, allegedly committed by seven different priests, happened before he took over the Bridgeport office. As for failing to go to the police, a la Joe Paterno, and scuttling the priests elsewhere? “I don't think even now you're obligated to report [suspected abuse] in Connecticut.” (Several legal experts disagree.) No word on if Egan feels there is any moral obligation to inform the authorities of child molestation or if, in hindsight, it might seem like a good idea.

Speaking of the clerical downplaying of sex abuse, the Archdiocese of Hartford apparently found the world's dumbest psychiatrist to testify in a lawsuit filed by a former altar boy. According to the Hartford Courant, Dr. J. Alexander Bodkin said the boy “was eager to keep up the relationship” with the principal of his Derby day school, Father Ivan Ferguson, which “was his choice.” Though Bodkin is “not approving any aspect of it” (phew!), he said the relationship, which included the sharing of porn and alcohol and a violent assault at age 14, was generally “positive” and probably did not lead to the victim's issues with depression and post-traumatic stress. That, said Bodkin, resulted from his decision to come forward. The jury nonetheless found the archdiocese negligent and it's on the hook for $1 million.

A vandal ripped apart a sign calling for the ouster of ethnic-cuisine enthusiast Joseph Maturo as mayor of East Haven. A surveillance camera caught a man marching onto private property to tear up the paper sign, which read “Taco Joe's Gotta Go,” reports the New Haven Register. The suspects should be easy to narrow down from a list of the four or five people in the world who still like Maturo.

Paul Puzzo is paid more than $100,000 a year as “vice president of business development and community affairs” for the Community Renewal Team, a Hartford anti-poverty agency, but he does not have a desk at its office and has declared his waterfront Florida condo his permanent residence, the Courant discovered. A CRT spokesperson defended Puzzo's “as-needed” work but couldn't explain how he puts in 35 hours a week as specified in tax documents. (Puzzo, 68, took a pay cut in 2002 because his then-$300,000 salary made the group ineligible for Head Start funding.)

“Sure, we hear of an occasional winner come out of the ghetto,” wrote Hartford Courant blogger and editorial cartoonist Bob Englehart about Gov. Dannel Malloy “throwing” money at “inner-city poor and minority-filled schools” but “they are the very rare exception. For the most part, losers raise losers.” Englehart was forced to apologize and the Courant removed the blog post from its site. New Haven Mayor John DeStefano shot back that “NONE of our students are losers.”

Sick, Sad World: A nine-year-old Bridgeport girl alleges that Norberto Millet, who agreed to look after her while her family was at church, viciously raped her. Millet, 60, apparently told police a sexual assault did take place but that she forced herself on him. Millet “claimed that a lot of girls eight to 10 years old try to have sex with him,” reports the Connecticut Post.

After failing to pay her $9.15 tab at a Stratford Duchess, Serita Harris allegedly jumped into her car and led police on a high-speed chase that ended when she reportedly rammed her Corolla into the driver's side of a cop car, smiling as she did so, police told the Stratford Patch website. When Harris, 40, was finally apprehended, a baggie of cocaine reportedly fell out of her shoe.

Police say an intoxicated Charles Gutaukas drove home at a rate 30 miles over the speed limit, seemingly oblivious to the squad car with its lights flashing behind him. Gutaukas, 39, allegedly pulled up onto to the lawn of his Cromwell home and ducked into the house. When officers finally entered, they reportedly found him asleep under a comforter, naked, according to the Middletown Press.

Officials in Old Lyme are looking for a goose with a distinct characteristic: an arrow lodged through its head. The bird is unexpectedly active and healthy-seeming. “Yesterday, he was walking around, eating, flying and swimming,” an animal control officer told the Hartford Courant, adding, “It flies. That's why we can't capture it.” Still, they want to treat the injury before it becomes infected.

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