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Best Cosmetic Surgeon

1) Dr. Deborah Pan, Esana Plastic Surgery Center & Med Spa

It's human nature to want to get back what age has taken away. With nine years in business and two board-certified plastic surgeons on staff, Esana Plastic Surgery and Med Spa owner Dr. Deborah Pan believes her practice's results speak for themselves. "Patients are extremely happy," says Dr. Pan. These days, Dr. Pan says, people are looking for a greater range of non-invasive options with less recuperation time. Surgery is still the mainstay, and it's trending upwards from last year. Of course, Esana also handles reconstructive cases, from pediatric trauma to cancer patients in their 40s through 60s. "We have some better scar-care therapies and processes that can slow the aging process down significantly," says Dr. Pan. "From skin care to laser to surgery, we are the only place that offers a variety of treatments under one roof, and our staff makes all our clientele feel special when they walk through the door."

1 Audubon St., Suite 201
New Haven
(203) 562-7662

2) Dr. David Goodkind

2 Chestnut St.
(203) 871-3799

3) Dr. Gary Price

5 Durham Road, Suites 1-8
(203) 453-6635

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