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Best Personal Trainer

FitnessChris Thomas

1) Chris Thomas (Personal Training Professionals of Southport)

Guidance through the world of exercise and strength training can be very valuable. Personal trainer Chris Thomas helps his clients get from point A to B, whether they’re recovering from a hip replacement or just trying to get into better shape. “I really enjoy working with people, and I want to help people have a better quality of life,” Thomas says. “We really customize everything to the individual. We think about the person’s goals and limitations and then focus on an appropriate strong foundation first,” he says. Thomas says he sees clients from age 10 to age 90, and can work with any needs to create a plan that works.

3683 Post Road

2) Laura Pennock (Black Rock Pilates)

2889 Fairfield Ave.

3) Michael Gulyas (Born Ready Fitness)


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