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Best Locally Made Food or Drink

1) Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea. Sound familiar? DId you know it's a local business operating out of our own backyard? With all the interest in buying products from locally owned businesses, one forgets sometimes that there are venerable enterprises that have been a part of the community for generations. “We're actually a family company, right here in Fairfield,” says Cindi Bigelow. “My grandmother started it in her kitchen in 1945 in her brownstone in New York City on 60th Street.” Bigelow's grandmother was an interior designer who, following the depression, wanted to get into “consumables.” She was also convinced that American tea was, well, not so good. “She found an old colonial recipe,” says Bigelow. Today the company has outposts around the country, and the Bigelow name is on tea sticks, bottled green teas, and an organic line. But Bigelow's Constant Comments — the signature hand-picked black tea with orange rind and sweet spices — is still very popular. Bigelow teas didn't just pop in the recent craze over green tea. The company and the family has long ties to the beverage and the industry. But Bigelow is also of the moment, creating tea sticks with green tea and dried coconut crystals, as well as launching new low-calorie and ultra-affordable blends of black tea and lemonade. “You brew it and that's it,” says Bigelow. “It's like 10 calories, 18 cents a serving. Now you're getting all the benefits of the tea, and it's all natural and there's no preservatives.”

201 Black Rock Turnpike


2) The Pantry

1580 Post Rd.
(203) 259-0400

3) Huntington Street Cafe

90 Huntington St.
(203) 925-9064

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