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Best Grinders

1) A&S Fine Foods

Call it a grinder. Call it a sub. Call it a hero. Whatever you call it, and whatever you put in it, one of the grinder's defining features is the bread it's served in. A & S Fine Foods, as a traditional New York-style Italian deli, takes its grinders very, very seriously. So seriously that whatever bread isn't being delivered directly from Arthur Avenue, owner Carmine Battimelli makes on-premises. Among the more popular grinders are the Italian combo and the Godfather, available on a hard roll or as a “hero” – when it comes to the menu, A & S Fine Foods stays true to its New York roots.

856 High Ridge Rd.
(203) 322-3899

120 New Canaan Ave.

2) Gaetano's Salumeria

1886 Main St.
(203) 377-8860

3) Fortuna's Deli

1244 Post Road East
(203) 226-3587

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