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Best Veterinarian

1) Ash Creek Animal Hospital

Kristopher Hansen, owner and veterinarian at Ash Creek Animal Hospital, grew up in an animal house. His mother was always bringing new pets and strays home. Hansen can relate to the ever-growing ways that people connect with and care for their pets. At Ash Creek he mostly treats cats and dogs. But he deals with pets that have everything from separation anxiety to Lyme disease (a big problem around here) and broken bones. “You're looking at the whole animal — from teeth, to eyes, to heart,” says Hansen. Like any good doctor, Hansen puts extra energy into preventative care, “heading things off at the pass,” he says. Obviously, with non-verbal creatures, the process of diagnosing a pain or an illness becomes a lot more challenging. “A lot of times it's like detective work,” says Hansen.

3290 Fairfield Ave.
(203) 333-2195


2) Dr. Thomas Marsh, Greenfield Animal Hospital

212 Hillside Road
(203) 254-0700


3) Fairfield Veterinary Hospital

55 Ruane St.
(203) 256-1955

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