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Best Adult Entertainment Club

1) Beamers Cafe

Beamers is far from the dank, dark image of a strip club enforced through the more sex-negative segments of our culture. The adult-entertainment mega-center has a relaxed environment that combines Vegas plush with the leather and dark wood accoutrements of an old-fashioned gentlemen’s club. There are pool tables, a large bar, a private party space, onsite secure parking, a live DJ every night and eight large-screen TVs, though we aren‘t going to pretend those are the most eyed assets in the establishment even on Super Bowl Sunday. The place’s marquee event is Go-Go-Rama, which takes place every Thursday and features 50 to 60 women in the span of the eight-hour day.

206 Richmond Hill Ave.
(203) 975-7707

2) Ruby's II

2362 Fairfield Ave.
(203) 336-8956

3) Scruples Lounge

369 North Ave.
(203) 335-8975

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