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Bartender Buddha: Carol Turgeon of Anthony Jacks Steakhouse in Southington

Carol Turgeon
found at: Anthony Jacks Steakhouse (Southington)

How do you approach bartending?

To me it's about making my guests happy, whether it's what they want to watch on the TV, the temperature of the room, the drink, the food. Comfort is important and people should feel relaxed here, so I really pay attention to this stuff. I also put a lot of attention on my cocktails. We always have strawberries and fresh mint at the bar and mojitos are my specialty. I also have my own recipe for Bloody Marys which I make here, and they are very spicy.

If these walls could talk, what would they say?

They would never shut up, I know that!

Is it difficult for women to gain respect as a career bartender?

I think society as a whole expects the man to be behind a bar, in that control role. Also most people wouldn't expect a woman to choose bartending as a career, they think that women should be in an office. Times have changed though, here, we have all women bartenders, no men, that's just the way it worked out.

Best drink to order during happy hour?

The drink that we have been featuring during happy hour is The Whipped Russian and it's been a smash success. We use the Pinnacle Whipped cream vodka, coffee liquor and a splash of cream. It's served up in a martini glass; it's like having a fancy white Russian.

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