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Mega Maze

Indiana Jones (fictional character)Larry Davis

Sterling, Massachusetts where they've cornered the market on marketing corners. We came here to get lost, and, this isn't just a maze, owner Larry Davis calls it "The Mega Maze". "There is so much more to do here than In any other Maze that I know of and you can come here and literally spend the entire day," Davis said. The maze is part Indiana Jones and in the vast corn field, part just Indiana. This year, everyone is walking like an Egyptian, that's the theme -- a birds eye view reveals whats billed as the world's largest pharaoh head.

Add up all the twists and turns and Mega Maze is eight acres and over three miles of winding terrain. Davis said, "even though there are over three miles of pathways here it doesn't get boring. There is too much out here, there are two many games within the Mega Maze." Davis made sure to mention there are both zip lines and a few mini golf holes inside the maze, "you can actually play right here in the maze, its great for adults, for little kids, anybody who likes to have a great time."

The Mega Maze is about an hour and 20 minute drive from Hartford, its open on weekends until November 15th. Adult tickets are $16.95, kids are $12.95.

Mega Maze

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