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How Bad Are They?

I just finished reading the column by my friend David Haugh in Monday’s June 6th Chicago Tribune. Seems my pal is calling for the Chicago Cubs to immediately trade Carlos Zambrono or possibly hang him from the tallest tree in Cook County.

This comes a day after Z went ballistic again and said his team is a total embarrassment.

If Carlos is going to face the wrath of the media, then this time he should get it for not going far enough. I realize in baseball the unwritten rule is a player never goes public against one of his teammates, but in this case it was something that someone had to say.

This is a very bad baseball team. There is no excuse for it, and their long-suffering fans deserve better than this. And while I am a fan of two other teams, I am willing to bet I watch more Cub games than many loyalists.

So, how bad is it? Take a close look the next time you watch one of their games. There are swaths of empty seats, and if you look in the background – not the staged fan camera shots – it appears that they have even been abandoned by the Chicago north side yuppies, or whatever they are called these days.

That includes the two or three games where the weather has not been miserable.

When the Cubs were owned for all those years by the Tribune Company there was grumbling among the faithful that the big corporation just looked at the baseball team and Wrigley Field as another division of the bottom line. But, based on what we have seen for the last two years, the Cubs would be better off if Exxon owned them.

Clearly the star-struck Rickets family that bought the Cubs is in over its collective head. I think they basically bought the team so they could get better seats.

Their new manager seems to be a nice guy but it looks to me like the veteran players think he is a buffoon. They really should have hired Ryno who proved in the minor league he has fire in his belly.

It is unlikely this is going to get better anytime soon because looking at the guys they are bringing up from the minor leagues I do not see much for a turnaround.

How anyone can screw up such a good thing this badly is beyond me.

Real Cub fans (not the beer-swilling yuppies) deserve better.

Heck, Major League Baseball deserves better.

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