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Irish fans watch 1988 Notre-Dame Miami game before Sun Bowl

SOUTH BEND -- Fans were hopeful today's Notre Dame game would end the way it did more than 20 years ago when the teams last met: with a win.
Tim Griffin is a true Notre Dame fan. And he, like all fans, was hoping for a win today.

"Oh, I think the Irish are going to stomp them. I think Notre Dame will win big by 24," says Griffin.

But before today's kickoff, a victory for the Irish wasn't guaranteed. But it was at Kildares Irish Pub where the South Bend bar re-played one of Notre Dame's most famous games.

October, 1988, South Bend: It was the last time Miami and Notre Dame met up. Griffin was there.

"About the 25 yard line, about 50 rows up, section 25, I remember distinctly," says Griffin.

It would be hard to forget. Miami was ranked #1, Notre Dame, #4. It is their most famous game, and it did not disappoint.

Irish fan Craig Ethier was there, and re-watched the legendary match-up Friday.

"It was a hard fought game. 31-30, it really came down to the last play by Miami, the two point conversion," says Ethier.

"Jimmy Johnson decided to go for two points at the end of the game, to win it, which is pretty gutsy. Luckily we prevailed, ND blocked the pass," says Griffin.

Notre Dame clinched the 31 to 30 win that year. And this year, new memories, with a new victory.
"I'll be a fan no matter what. No matter what. True Blue," says Notre Dame fan, John Beutter.

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