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Lower Windsor Township Man Heads to Italy to Compete in World Hang Gliding Championships


Larry Bunner is living out his childhood fantasy. He and his wife will meet his hang gliding teammates in Italy this week, for the World Hang Gliding Championships.

"When I was a kid I often had dreams where I'd be running and each step would get a little longer and longer until finally I felt like I was flying," said Larry Bunner, Hang Gliding Pilot.

Bunner has flown within the country and around the world. He's flown his glider in Spain and Australia. He is now looking forward to flying in Spain where he and his teammates will represent the United States as they compete against 37 other countries. Bunner and his teammates are considered the very best hang gliders in America. The competition begins July 16th and lasts two weeks.

"I think it's gonna be really good," said Sue Bunner, Larry's wife. "I really have high hopes that they're gonna do well."

During the competition Bunner could fly for four consecutive hours each day. He packs energy bars and water to ensure that he finishes his course. The team that completes the predetermined course the fastest will be declared the victors.

"I think we have an outstanding shot this year," said Larry Bunner. "We've got some really good pilots that have been coming up through the sport and have a lot of experience. So, I'm excited about our opportunity and I'm certainly looking forward to bringing home some hardware."

Bunner and his wife will arrive in Rome tomorrow. Practice begins on the 11th and the first day of competition is the 16th. Winners could walk away with cash prizes and medals.

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