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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Real-life Minority Report Technology

In the movie, Minority Report, Tom Cruise controlled computers with just his hands. The technology seemed to have a lot of promise, so where is it today? Rich Demuro talked to the creators to find out.

Allure Magazine's best beauty products

Allure Magazine has been honoring the industry`s top-performing beauty products with its Best of Beauty Awards for 16 years. Here with us today is associate editor, Sophia Panych, to share some of the winners from the Beauty Breakthrough category, which Allure has deemed this year`s most innovative beauty products.

Jewel's new single for Bra Day U.S.A.

Singer-songwriter super star Jewel has produced multi-platinum albums, earned MTV Video Music and Billboard Magazine awards, garnered four Grammy award nominations and created legions of dedicated fans; and she joins us today to talk about a new single she recently released for Bra Day U.S.A.

Leeza Gibbons raises awareness about caregivers

Leeza Gibbons is currently the host of "America Now", but before that, she was a caregiver to her mother. Now she has a foundation to support those in a similar situation to her own.

Furry Friends   

This week's Furry Friend comes to us from the York County SPCA.


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