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The Road to Super Sunday starts on FOX43!

FootballWPMTPhiladelphia EaglesSuper Bowl

There's a storm on the horizon. A cloud of dirt and muscle. The sound of bone hitting bone, and the cries of men who are putting it all on the line.

That storm is called the Super Bowl, and it begins - and ends - right here on FOX43.

Three local favorites are in contention for this year's epic struggle. The Eagles and Ravens are about to battle through Wild Card games, while the Steelers crouch in wait at the Division Playoffs. FOX43 is going to the front lines to bring you under the helmet as our boys - all three teams - wage their war for football's most coveted prize. And of course, no matter who survives to February 6, FOX43 is the home for Super Bowl XLV in HD.

THE ROAD TO SUPER SUNDAY begins right here.

Thursday: FOX43 Sports Director Todd Sadowski flies with the Eagles in Philadelphia, while sports reporter Missi Matthews goes to the Ravens complex. Weekend Sports Anchor Bill Toth will man the desk as your master of ceremonies.

Friday and Saturday: More reports from Eagles and Ravens.

Sunday: Todd reports from the Eagles Wild Card game.

For complete online coverage of THE ROAD TO SUPER SUNDAY, click right here!

Super Bowl XLV airs February 6 on FOX43.

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FootballWPMTPhiladelphia EaglesSuper Bowl