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Dauphin County Rehabilitation and Healthcare Facility under Quarantine; Spring Creek under Quarantine

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Some residents at Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Harrisburg are under quarantine. A caretaker told Fox 43 some people are experiencing Gastrointestinal Tract infection symptoms.

Just minutes before Katie Zimmerman was headed out the door to visit her former mother-in-law, Anna Ware, at Spring Creek, she received a phone call telling her she would only be allowed inside the front lobby.

"They called yesterday and let us know that there's a GI Tract infection that can go throughout the building," said Zimmerman. "So they have multiple floors blocked off for safety precautions."

Ware lives on McBride 4, which is one of the floors affected. The other two floors are McBride 1 and Spring Creek 1. Ware has not shown any signs of a Gastrointestinal Tract infection, however, she cannot leave her room and Zimmerman cannot visit.

"Anything she needs I leave at the desk for her and the CNA comes down and gets it and takes it up to her," said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman says the charge nurse informed her that the quarantine should be lifted in a few days, granted residents who are not showing signs of an infection remain symptom-free.

Fox 43 spoke with the facility's CEO. He said some patients are showing signs of various infections and the facility is following the same protocol as a hospital. The Pennsylvania Department of Health said the facility made contact and is following its infection control policy.

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