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York County Auction House raises money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital

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Wehrly's Auction Service in Glen Rock, York County held a special benefit auction on Tuesday night. By the end of the sale, $9,350.00 was raised; every dollar will be donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

The hospital is based in Memphis, Tennessee and helps treat children fighting rare diseases like cancer. It's also on the forefront of research for dozens of illnesses & diseases.

Auctioneers sold items for hours, giving their voices quite a workout.

"Here we go, and how much to go on that? Give me a 20-dollar bill to start that candy.. give me $20.. how 'bout $10?"

Phrases like that were heard all night inside the auction house on Snyder Road. Nearly 150 items were donated to be sold.

"We have cakes to sell, other jewelry to sell, we have a lot of craft items to sell," says Charles Wehrly, a retired auctioneer.

Some in the crowd have personal experience with St. Jude's.

"They gave us hope when no one else did, we didn't have much hope at all in the beginning and we went down there & they said they'd never stop trying and they cured her," says Brenda Atkinson of Jacobus.

She & her husband Bruce know firsthand how the hospital works. They took their daughter Bess there when she was just 11-years old. She was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. Now 28-years old, she is cancer free.

"They helped us not only curing Bess, but they helped the whole family get through it, it's a magical wonderful hospital," Brenda says.

"This auction is the kind of stuff that pays for the treatment down there & the research," Bruce Atkinson says.

Phil Baer of Jefferson goes to the auction every year.

He says, "it definitely draws awareness to St. Jude's and that's a good charity to support."

Baer, like many others in the crowd, actually buy items then donate them back to be re-sold and make even more money. It happened with several food items like strawberry cream cheese danishes made by a local 16-year old.

"It's good, doing something for a good cause, I mean it's going to a good cause, it's amazing, it's a good feeling," says the donor, Miranda Ulrich of Dallastown.

"It feel it's good, good for our souls," Charles Wehrly says.

This is the seventh year the business has held the benefit auction for St. Jude's.

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