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Westchester Woman Accused of Being Murdering Mom

Police in the Westchester, NY suburb of Mamaroneck has charged a mother with an unthinkable crime:  killing her four year old son.  

And police are now faced with exploring this as a pre-meditated murder.  The evidence found strewn across 46 year old Manuela Maria Morgado's apartment was damning according to sources:  suicide notes, drugs, a gas canister and the lifeless boy cradled in his mother's arms insider her bedroom. 

Morgado had been battling her former lover for years over child custody issues according to a New York Courts' spokesman.  She lived modestly in a small Mamaroneck apartment, while he had just reunited with his wife and sons, living in a luxurious multi-million dollar Briarcliff Manor home. 

46 year old Manuela Maria Morgado has been charged with second degree murder in the death of her son Jason, after police found her Monday cradling the boy's body in a bedroom of her Mamaroneck apartment, sources saying she had drugged him, then used helium to suffocate him.   She, too, had taken drugs and had to be treated at the hospital before being taken to the Westchester County Jail.

The boy's father, Dr. Timothy Reish, an orthopedic surgeon with offices on the Upper East Side and Long Island, was said to be in surgery at the time of the child's death.  He and Morgado were scheduled to appear in two weeks to decide where the boy would go to school.  He was enrolled in a Briarcliff Manor pre-school; Morgado wanted him moved to Mamaroneck. 

Morgado's life appeared to be in turmoil:  she is in the midst of bankruptcy, and the graphic designer was said to be moving.  A relative had called police to check on them, police made  the gruesome discovery.

She's currently being held without bail in Westchester county jail--set to be arraigned on thursday on a second degree murder charge.


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