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Brown Tap Water Clearing Up In Malverne

The dirty water in Malverne is clearing up.

Last week we showed you what people were dealing with in their homes, brown water coming out of their faucets.

Now Long Island American Water crews are out flushing hydrants until they run clear.  A yellow tint could be seen on water coming out of one hydrant on School Street.

"That's the natural sediments from iron that have accumulated over the winter time." said Bill Varley president of the Long Island American Water Authority.

Two hundred hydrants must be flushed for the water to clear.

Despite the water authority and health department's claims last week, that discolored tap water met state standards PIX 11News did it's own research and had an independent lab test the water.

Results showed iron levels were ten times higher than acceptable.

Although alarming, we also learned the standards were set for looks, not health reasons.

Doctors concurred telling PIX 11 there were no dangers associated with drinking the iron water.

PIX 11 did get several accolades for our reporting some some even crediting us for getting action.

Now that water going into homes is cleaner, the water authority will also help residents get out sediment that collected in their hot water heaters.

"We have a limited amount of inline pumps american water that we have that makes it really easy to flush a hot water heater." said Varley "We are going to make them available to the civic association people can borrow these pumps."

A new iron filtration system should be going on line soon.

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