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2 Charged In Shocking YouTube Beating Of Homeless Man

Two thugs who sadistically beat a homeless man and then posted it to You Tube have been caught and are now facing hefty jail time. Wall Township, NJ police arrested 20 year old Taylor Giresi of Belmar after an anonymous tipster brought the video to their attention. Cops visually identified him, saying he was well known for prior arrests, and charged him with aggravated assault and robbery on Sunday. Bail was set at $135,000. His family cannot free him.

Giresi lived with his mother and grandmother on 15th Avenue in Belmar; they say he has just lost it. The recipient of his rage -- 50 year old David Ivins, a homeless man who many here in town have helped with a buck or two over the years. They say he wouldn't harm a fly.

Giresi and an unidentified friend, who at 17 is not being identified because he is a juvenile, taped the two beatings on December 11 and 12. Police say the disgusting duo then gleefully posted the whole thing on You Tube. And As shocking as the kicks, punches and pummeling is, the story behind it is even sadder.

"He told me he got his butt kicked," said Jack Uhden, who took us to the camp he has shared with Ivins over the past several years. A refuge for the pair and others who sought to drink away from the public eye, it is littered with empty quart bottles of cheap vodka and cans of beer.

Uhden says David is well known for his battles with alcohol, unemployment and homelessness. But it has been the town's open secret, and nothing was done until the outcry over the beating. Now police have taken Ivins from the squalid camp and vowed to get him into a hotel paid for by concerned and generous locals.

Giresi's legal troubles started as a juvenile. Grandmother Doreen Byrne recalled the first big arrest. "He threatened a cop's pregnant wife. They put him in jail for 3 months."

During that time he was taking GED courses, but dropped out once he was released. He has been unable to get a job.

Both alleged attackers met at the local skateboard park in Belmar. The 17 year old is known as "Skater."

Tayler's mother says he has hit new lows after the death of his father on December 9th. And she seems to have given up hope on the unemployed high school dropout.

Joanne Jost explained, "He's got Kleinfelder's disease, which is a chromosomal abnormality. He has mental problems. He smokes pot, drinks, don't even know what else."

Uhden says just days before the attacks on December 12 and 13 that Tyler threatened David while drinking and smoking pot in the camp. "That dude he would come back here and smoke weed and start sh*t. And I jumped up and said, 'You know what Taylor, get the hell outta here dude. You're just doing nothing but starting problems.'. And he was like, someday it'll come back to ya."

It appears he made good on that promise. The investigation continues, but the prosecutor says he goes before a grand jury soon. The 17 year old was charged as a juvenile and released to his parents.

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