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Triple Shooting in Otherwise Quiet Brooklyn Neighborhood

A manhunt is on for whoever is behind a triple shooting in Brooklyn that occurred at around 11:50 p.m. Wednesday.

Dozens of police worked the scene until early Thursday morning, and more officers, including Emegency Services cops, returned to the scene at 60 East 16th Street in the Prospect Park South neighborhood after sunrise to search for more evidence.

Also after daybreak Thursday, a man who called himself the owner of the East 16th St. home that is listed in public records under the family name Budhram, talked with WPIX off-camera. He said that while a group of friends hung out in front of his house last night, three men walking nearby started shooting at them. When the gunfire stopped, the man's 31-year-old son had a bullet to the shoulder, his 27-year-old nephew got hit in the leg, and their 24-year-old friend got shot in the side of his torso. The three gunmen, the homeowner told us, fled by foot. Neither the homeowner nor police will release any information about a motive.

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The precinct serving this neighborhood reports no murders or rapes this year, and burglary, felony assault and grand larceny are all down from last year. However, the number of robberies and car thefts have more than doubled. It is unknown if those were motives in this triple shooting, but at least one lifelong resident, Nicky Smith, who was out walking her dog in the pre-dawn darkness, told us that to have a triple-shooting in an ordinarily quiet area creates a concern about crime increasing, "This is the first time that anything bad has happened on our block. It's weird."

Even though the victims' family expressed grave concern, they confirm what police report: that none of the injuries is life-threatening.

This was the second multiple shooting in Brooklyn on Wednesday. In Crown Heights yesterday afternoon, somebody on a roof or upper floor of a building shot at least three victims on the street. Those injuries were also not life-threatening, and nobody has been arrested in the case.

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