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New Questions After George Zimmerman Video Released

ShootingsTrayvon MartinBobby RushSpike Lee

In a newly released video, George Zimmerman is in handcuffs as he's brought in for questioning on the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

While in custody, Zimmerman claimed he killed the teenager in self-defense and he was set free. Notable was the lack of blood or clear injury to Zimmerman's face, running counter to the neighborhood watchman's testimony of a vicious beating at the hands of Trayvon Martin. While Zimmerman can be seen in the video in handcuffs, he has yet to be charged with a crime.

Ealier today, the decision not to arrest Zimmerman led another act of protest in Congress. But Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush apparently took his support too far when he wore a hoodie on the House Floor.

That is against House rules.

Congressman Rush says for him -- the Martin case is personal, adding "My own son in 1999 was shot down in the streets."

The Trayvon Martin saga investigation sparked a national conversation on a number of issues and at least one mishap.

From the stigma attached to a piece of clothing, to the role race often plays in the conclusions we draw about various people -- the case has people talking.

In Elaine McClain's case, she'd rather stay out of it.

Filmmaker Spike Lee -- who has a quarter million Twitter followers -- re-tweeted a Los Angeles man's post. It included McClain's Florida address for a George Zimmerman -- not the George Zimmerman who fatally shot the teenager -- but McCain's own son.

"He definitely owes a big apology. There was no reason they put our addresses out there without checking to see who lived there", said Elaine McClain.

A month after the neighborhood watch captain and aspiring police officer shot Martin in a gated Florida community, his family is still mourning -- and fuming.

"My son was exercising his stand your ground rule," Sybrina Fulton said Wednesday.

Martin's mother is referring to the latest debate over should receive protection under Florida's controversial law, which allows someone who has a reasonable fear of being attacked to respond with lethal force without an obligation to retreat.

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ShootingsTrayvon MartinBobby RushSpike Lee