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Toni Senecal

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From the biggest, boldfaced names Hollywood has to offer, entertainment reporter Toni Senecal brought Tinseltown to the Big Apple each weeknight for almost a decade on both WPIX and WNYW.

For the time she has pushed showbiz aside to pursue her true passion: NEW YORK CITY! Senecal hosts and produces a series for WPIX called Toni On! New York. The idea is simple. It's a show about New York for New Yorkers, featuring all the neighborhood secrets from jaw dropping history to the best steals and deals on everything from food to fashion. And buddy Steven Van Zandt provides viewers with all the music news they need to know!

Toni On! New York was born out of a series of travel specials that Senecal had been producing since her first days at PIX – which took "Toni On!" to Alaska, Antarctica, Baja, Costa Rica, Quebec and Egypt. In 2005, She produced and hosted a half-hour special documenting the first U.S.-led trip to Libya in more than 20 years.

Senecal is a three-time Emmy Award winning reporter and producer with acknowledgments in the following categories: On-Camera Achievement/Entertainment Reporting, Best Educational Programming, Toni On! Costa Rica, Best On-Camera Achievement/New Media. Other nominations include, Best Feature Series/Weird N.Y., Outstanding Arts Programming/Broadway's Best and Best Educational Program/Toni On! Alaska.

Senecal has also held roles for various national television shows, including EXTRA, E! Entertainment TV and America's Most Wanted ("FOX on the Run").

She currently resides in Westchester in a 1725 farm house with her husband, award-winning cinematographer and producer Tracy Shea, their son Jericho Jack and their two rescue dogs -- rottie Sasha and Edgar, the pitt. Senecal spends her weekends with her family renovating the house, and cooking Italian food, although much time is passed sitting outside in Adirondack chairs.

She has also penned a forthcoming novel titled Red Carpet Confidential.

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