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Twenty-Year-Old Killed in Fiery Car Crash on Staten Island

The NYPD is investigating a car accident on Bay Street in Staten Island that left a 20-year-man dead. The victim has been identified as Philip Scrivano of Willowbrook, Staten Island.

Investigators say Scrivano was apparently drag racing, driving his 2009 Honda at more than a hundred miles an hour eastbound on Bay Street in Tompkinsville just before two o'clock Saturday morning when the accident happened.

Police say Scrivano ran into a parking meter and a utility pole, then hit a gas pump, and was thrown from the car, which went up in flames. The accident set off an explosion. The car was destroyed.

A witness was quoted as saying the accident occurred on what the witness called a "dead man's curve."

A passenger, identified only as a 25-year-old man, suffered cuts to his head and was taken to Richmond University Medical Center, where he's in stable condition.

Just last weekend, two young men lost their lives in another violent car accident in Staten Island.

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