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Parents Using Spyware To Monitor Kids On Facebook

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Kids spend hours online using social networking sites like Facebook - posting pictures and chatting with friends.

Many parents add their kids as friends on Facebook to keep track of what they're doing. But now, some parents are going even further - spying on their kids' computer use.

According to computer experts, parents can use software specifically designed to spy on Facebook.

ZoneAlarm SocialGuard monitors some types of language and profile data to look for predators, age fraud, and links to inappropriate websites.

If the service finds a possible problem, it emails the parent, child, or both.

Web blockers are another option; software allows parents to see which websites their child is visiting.

Perhaps the most effective way to secretly spy is to install a key logger on your computer.

It records everything that is typed on a keyboard. It also captures screen images - so parents can see where their child has been online and learn their passwords.

But some psychologists warn against using spyware. If parents feel it's necessary to monitor their kids that closely, they need to be honest with them about why they're doing it.

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Espionage and IntelligenceFacebookWPIX