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Next Step In Storm Cleanup: Potholes

It's been one tough winter, we all know that, huge mounds of snow are not uncommon, but should they really be in traffic lanes?

"It's not that easy." said on driver as he made his way down Lakeville Road in New Hyde Park.

A little more than a week after the last major snow fall, it was still difficult getting around. It is un-nerving when without warning the lane your in just stops in a bank of snow.

"I piss people off because I'm blocking traffic." said a frustrated Nancy Palmeri.

Many major roadways are still restricted.

Check out this one you can't even drive on the right side of the road.

Lakeville Road seems to be the most dangerous.

"I'm afraid with this truck I'm going to knock off someone's mirror." said Diane Holbrook.

"Let me tell you something" said Carl "when I was a young fella all the snow was picked up put on trucks and dropped in the ocean."

PIX 11 News called the Village of New Hyde Park, they told us its not their road, not the Town of North Hempstead's either. Finally nassau county admitted the road was there's and before long... a bulldozer was out removing snow... coincidence.we don't think so!

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