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Parents Sue City After Son's Brain Is Put On Display In Morgue


Parents of a Staten Island teenager who died in a car crash are suing the city after learning their son's brain was put on display at a city morgue.

Andre and Korisha Shipley lost their son Jesse five years ago. However, three months after the funeral, while his classmates from Port Richmond High School were on a field trip to the city morgue, they reportedly saw his brain on display in a jar.

The Shipley's were apparently besides themselves since they believed they have buried all of their son months earlier. The family's priest apparently told the Shipley's their son's burial was improper. As a result, the family decided to exhume the body and reburied him with his brain.

A city doctor said the brain had been kept for additional tests related to the autopsy.

It is unclear how much the Shipley's are suing for.

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