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Most Dangerous Street For Older Pedestrians In Nassau County

Nassau County is now being called one of the most dangerous places in the country for people age 60 or older, but only if they do one thing: walk.

A new study says for every 100,000 people in this age group, just about five will get struck by a car and die. That study was released Tuesday by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. That number is more than twice the national average.

The odds are even worse on roads like Sunrise Highway and Hempstead Turnpike -- two major six-lane highways.

After the study came out yesterday, safety advocates started pushing for a set of laws they call Complete Streets. What that could do is combine a bunch of designs that make it less likely that people will get hit, like narrower lanes, shorter crossing distances, crosswalk countdown signals, and pedestrian islands.

A bill has passed the Senate Transportation and Finance committees. The assembly still has to vote on this.

So far, 25 states have adopted Complete Streets programs.

Nassau had the fourth-highest fatality rate for pedestrians aged 60 or older. Brooklyn was first, followed by Atlantic County, N.J., and Manhattan.

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