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Queens Neighborhood On Alert After Loose Pit Bull Attacks

He had only taken a few steps before Frank Rescigno's walk to work was cut short.

"Suddenly, it bit the back of my leg," explained Rescigno.

When he looked down, he saw his neighbor's pit bull had sunk its teeth into his leg.

"He grabbed the back of my leg and mangled it. Somehow I managed to get him off my leg but then he got a hold of my arm and ripped the skin off," said Rescigno.

The 100-plus pound pit bull finally let go and Rescigno ran back to his house leaving a large trail of blood behind him.

His wife Gigi heard her husband yell. "It was horrible to see him like that. The skin ripped off... it was grotesque," she said.

As an ambulance rushed Rescigno to the hospital, the dog disappeared.

Two days later, police had still not tracked down the dog.

With the dangerous dog possibly on the loose, the neighborhood is on high alert. The mailman was so concerned, he had an escort follow him as he walked the block.

Neighbors say the pit bull is one three dogs that live at the house. Workers told PIX 11 that the owner was not home.

Neighbors say the dogs have tormented the community for years and they have made multiple calls to police for help.

200 stitches later, all Rescigno wants is a safe street for his wife, daughter and baby boy due next month.

"I want the dog caught and the neighbors to take responsibility," he said.

If you see a loose pit bull in the Oakland Gardens neighborhood, contact the NYPD.

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