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Private Parking Reserved for Select Residents on City Streets

We all know how frustrating it can be to find a parking space.

So imagine having your very own spot, right outside your front door.

"Its great we love it." said Eric Silver.

"You come home late at night it's raining you park in front of your house it's terrific." added Jim Kelly.

Believe it or not, More than 900 streets in the city, are considered private roads, where parking is reserved strictly for residents only.

"I still have a copy of the deed that shows I own the property halfway out a Temple Ct." said Kelly of Windsor Terrace.

So how you get your street to considered private road?

Unfortunately you can't.

Streets like these have been grand fathered in, because a hundred years ago they didn't conform to the city's grid, most are dead ends or irregular.

As great as it sounds there is a price tag associated with living on a private street, homeowners are responsible for maintaining the roadway and the sewer lines underneath it.

"we actually paid for that property that, it's kind of like a driveway I mean it belongs to you." said Kelly.

And not everyone pays attention to the signs, especially when you live next to a park.

Temple Court is a block away from Prospect park.

Some homeowners use cones to guard their spots, but it doesn't always work.

"We just ask them to move, pretty are pretty amenable to that." said Silver.

If comes down to it, a homeowner can have a violator towed.

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