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Prejean Calls Larry King 'Inappropriate,' Threatens To Walk Off During Live Taping

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean threw a tantrum during Wednesday's taping of CNN's Larry King Live in which she refused to answer a caller's question after accusing the veteran talk show host of being "inappropriate."

Prejean, who appeared on the show to promote her new book, suddenly became flustered when King asked her why she settled a religious discrimination lawsuit with pageant organizers.

The beauty queen adamantly expressed she was not prepared to talk about what happened during mediation and called King's line of questioning "inappropriate" because it was "completely confidential," she said.

King made clear he was simply asking about the motive, not the nature of the settlement.

"Larry, you're being inappropriate, you really are," she said.

Prejean, clearly perturbed by King's comments, then removes her microphone and nearly storms off the set. When a caller phones in - a gay man who wanted wedding advice - Prejean remains in her seat and carries on with a conversation with someone sitting to her side.

When King asks Prejean to respond, she simply states, "you're being inappropriate," and threatened to walk off the show.

There is then an awkward pause until King cuts to a commercial break.

The same day Prejean made an appearance on the "The View" where she lashed out at Joy Behar, after the talk show host prodded her about her sex tape and her stance on gay marriage.

Prejean became a household name earlier this year, when she revealed her stance against same-sex marriage while answering a question by celebrity judge Perez Hilton.

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