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Ex-NY Giants Plaxico Burress Released From New York Prison

Plaxico Burress was released from Oneida Correctional Facility in Rome, N.Y.
on Monday morning after serving a prison term of nearly two years on gun

Burress, 33, last played in the NFL in 2008 but said he will begin
immediate training with a return to the league in mind.

"I wouldn't rule out any team, I wouldn't rule out the Giants, I wouldn't
rule out any club," agent Drew Rosenhaus told reporters outside the correctional
facility. "I really won't talk about specific teams because I don't want to hurt
his position. As far as the Giants, my personal opinion is he wouldn't rule them
out. I certainly wouldn't.

"We are going to be open to all 32 teams," Rosenhaus added. "Ultimately
this will be Plax's decision, not mine. I am here to help him pick the best spot
and get the very best contract. And that is what we will do."

The Philadelphia Eagles have been mentioned as a team that might consider
Burress, but mostly that conclusion seems to be hatched from the team's
willingness to gamble on Michael Vick upon his release from prison.

Former teammates, including several New York Giants, sounded off on
Burress' place in the NFL. Retired defensive end Michael Strahan said the Giants
should take him back in a second. Offensive lineman David Diehl and running back
Brandon Jacobs have said New York isn't the best place for Burress, who has also
played for the Steelers.

"I think they'd love Plax," Strahan told Newsday. "He and Eli (Manning),
they were great together. He was Eli's safety blanket and without that
combination we don't beat the Packers in cold Lambeau, we don't win the Super
Bowl without those two guys playing the way they did together. Plaxico's not a
bad guy, he just made a bad decision, a dumb decision, which cost him two years.
I think he'll be back, hopefully with the Giants, but whoever gets him he'll be
an asset.

"This is a guy you're familiar with. You know what he can do, he's familiar
with the coaching staff, familiar with the offense. It's a guy who's at home in
New York. I think it would be a great addition with (Hakeem) Nicks and (Steve)
Smith and those other guys they have."

Strahan added that there shouldn't be any problem giving Burress another

"I think the best thing to happen to Plaxico was Michael Vick," Strahan
said. "It showed that hey, you did something, you served your time, you come out
and you play and there is redemption. I think Michael Vick showed that to
everybody. In the case of Plaxico, it's something that he did that injured
himself so I think there will probably be a lot more leeway with a Plaxico than
there was with a Michael Vick.

"If you can forgive that, then there's no way (you can't forgive Burress).
There are going to be some things written, but you have to forgive Plaxico."

Asked in February if the Giants might consider Burress an option, general
manager Jerry Reese didn't shut the door on a reunion. Reese declined to address
rumors the Giants might be interested in bringing him back.

"We investigate everything," Reese said. "Right now that's really nothing
to talk about. His situation is what it is until that changes. If that changes,
we'll investigate that."

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