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Newly Paved Road In Queens Finally Gets Lane Lines

It was last week that the PIX11 morning news introduced you to a fast moving, busy stretch of Northern Boulevard in Douglaston, Queens. One look at it and you could tell it was an accident waiting to happen.

Here is the backstory. The Department of Transportation paved the stretch of road about a month ago. However, they forgot to paint one very important thing: lane lines!

"It was confusing with no lanes, it was easy to go into the wrong lane," said one driver."

"Dangerous," described another.

City Councilman Dan Halloran's office got a number of calls from drivers who said it was hazardous to drive along that stretch, and really was a safety hazard. Halloran called the DOT, as did PIX11 to get some answers.

They promised to have the lanes painted by Friday and they held their end of the deal.

On Monday, PIX 11 checked back up on the dangerous stretch and found drivers that were much happier.

"It's wonderful they are taking care of this area."

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