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FDNY Concerned About Gas-Powered Generators At Occupy Wall Street Protest

Safety concerns are now hanging over Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Over the last week both the number of protesters sleeping in the park and tents have grown. Just a week ago, witnesses say the Reverand Jesse Jackson linked arms with protesters to protect a single medical tent from eviction by the NYPD.

Now, the park is quckly becoming a tent city. There are two medical tents and scores of other tents housing protesters who vow to stay in the park indefinitely as they protest Wall Street greed and corporate excesses.

Asked about the rules that say no tents are allowed in the park, one man who identified himself as an organizer and gave his name as only Haywood from North Carolina said, "The city isn't enforcing the rule so people will set up tents."

Fire officials are also reportedly concerned about the protestors use of gasoline powered generators in the park and have sent those concerns to the mayor.

The worry is a spark from smoking or an open flame could turn the tarps and tents into an inferno.

Haywood says, "We have no problem with that. The Fire Department should have talked direclty to us. The generators will be gone in 24 hours."

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