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NYPD Hunts Ivy League Lawyer After Young Girlfriend Found Dead

The NYPD is searching for a 30-year-old lawyer, educated on a partial scholarship at Ivy-league Columbia University, in connection with the death of his live-in girlfriend.

Jason Bohn apparently called 911 just before 7:30 pm Tuesday evening, telling the operator he had “hit” his girlfriend -- and maybe someone should check on her.

27-year-old Danielle Thomas was discovered with blunt trauma to the head in the couple’s apartment at 28-25  33rd Street in Astoria, Queens.  Medics declared her dead at the scene.

Neighbors in the building told detectives Bohn had a history of beating Danielle Thomas and that police had responded to the couple’s apartment in the past.  Bohn and Thomas had only lived in the Astoria apartment since April. 

“I just heard he was beating her and there was noise and police had been called,” said Anna, a neighbor who lives two apartments away from the couple.  “It’s really sad that something like this had to happen to her.  She should have left him.”

Apparently, Thomas did try to leave him on June 7th, when she reportedly went to the 114th precinct seeking an order of protection from her boyfriend.  In the police report, officers heard Bohn scream at her from the other end of a cell phone call, "It's war.  I'll dedicate my life to hunting you down like a dog in the street."

A cashier at the Rite Aid pharmacy across the street told PIX 11 detectives came in the store Tuesday night, telling a manager that Bohn had bought ice there the day of Thomas’ death. 

When PIX 11 did some research on Jason Bohn’s background, we discovered an interview he gave to a Jewish charity—JCCA—in 2009.  In it, Bohn talked about his troubled childhood in the Bronx, where he was born.  “My father was addicted to drugs and physically abusive,” Bohn recalled.  “My mother was addicted to success and abandoned me for a new life and family.” 

As a 13-year-old, Bohn told JCCA that he became a ward of New York State, living at the Pleasantville Cottage School in Westchester County.  There, he got physically violent with other children.  But counselors there took note that he was academically very bright.

Bohn said he got scholarship money to attend Columbia University, but he later complained on a blog that he had $200,000 in student loans.  He was once interviewed by the New York Times about the $33 an hour he earned as a paralegal, certainly not enough to re-pay his loans in a timely fashion.

Bohn received some schooling in Florida and was living there, at some point, with Danielle Thomas.   He may have had some scrapes with the law, in his younger years, in Virginia Beach and Florida. 

A source told PIX 11 that Bohn called the 114th Precinct in Astoria between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to “apologize” for what happened.

Detectives were hoping he would turn himself in for questioning.  On Wednesday evening, they were still actively hunting for him.

The homicide was very upsetting to some of the young women who live in the Astoria apartment building, many of them young, urban professionals melding in with the old-timers on 33rd Street who shop on nearby 30th Avenue.  “The only thing I know is I didn’t sleep last night because of what happened,” said one neighbor we met.  “It made me sick to my stomach.”

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